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There are two seasons…
April 8, 2009, 6:15 am
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which give one reason to pause to think.    I speak from a woman’s point of view as I’ve never been a man and can’t speak from that view… lol…

After the turbulent teen years in a girl’s life, two seasons come to a woman if she’s particularly if she’s blessed with children that give her cause to stop and think.   First is the season when her children (if she’s done her job correctly), become young adults and leave the nest of the home she’s created for them.  

When we had children, it redefined who we were or for some of us it just defined us.   All of a sudden, we had this precious, helpless bundle we were responsible to care for, nuture and teach.   It may have scared us to know that we were responsible for another human being who came without instructions… or so we thought.   

There may have been many times, when we declared THEY may not make it to their next birthday… lol.  There are times during our raising of our children, that we wonder if we’re going to make.     But we do make it… and they actually made it… wonder of all wonders and have started to stretch out their wings… Now, some of this wing flapping (again, if we’ve done our job right), starts happening while they’re in the nest  until one day as we watch  they soar off into their future… it brings a little bittersweet gladness to our lives… and even some uncertainty.  I think partially because we begin to wonder, now what?   Now who am I supposed to be?   I’ve been a mother for xx number of years, now… they don’t need me to be their mother…

Perhaps if we’re again blessed, they will realize though they may not need us as a mother, they need someone who will come along side them and walk with them in the uncertainty of their lives…. we may not hold their hands as we did when they were young, but perhaps we’d give them a hug, a pat on the back and a…. “you can do this” …or  “you’re going to make it through this too” speech.   I think too often in our society, we’ve missed the extended family experience of having an older, wiser and more experienced woman close by to help us along the way.     To encourage that we’re doing things all right… to help us stay the course…. Though my mother lives far from me, God has blessed me with two women in dh family who’ve been the older, wise, more experienced women for me.  Plus, He’s given at least one close friend who gives me the benefit of her experience and tries to keep me sane… lol

The second time that gives a woman pause to think, is when her own mother is reaching the time when life has become a challenge for her in new ways.   She may need our help instead of the other way around.   It’s hard for one’s mother to ask their child for assistance, for in some weird way, we’ve told ourselves, if I’m an adult, I should not need assistance from my child.   If the Lord should decide one’s mother’s purpose is complete and her time here on this earth is at an end, we again have pause to wonder now… who am I?   I was my mother’s child.   I may have become my mother’s parent even for a short time… taking care of them, instead of the other way around.   Now, she may be gone.   Who will I go to for advice?   Who am I to be from here on out?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts are on this… love God, love others and pursue those relationships!


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I really enjoyed this post! I am currently on both ends since I have older teens that will be leaving the “nest” very soon (two are graduating next month) and I still have littler ones that are still needing alot of guidence from mom.

Comment by raekaye

Bless your heart… I too am on both ends with dd getting old enough to be thinking of leaving and my mom who is at a point in her life needing care.

Comment by Molly

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