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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and men.
November 12, 2013, 10:14 pm
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Hubby says I’m not a planner… well, that’s sort of true.    When it comes to projects around the house, I just want a general direction to go and then I want to get at it and get it done… sometimes that works… sometimes it doesn’t.

However, when it comes to taking trips, I do plan… I just can’t take off on the spur of the moment.  I want to know when we’re leaving, when we’ll arrive and what we’ll do after we arrive.    Sometimes that works… sometimes it doesn’t.

Well, back in June or so, hubby informed me we needed to take a trip to see his uncle in the Los Angeles area.   Okay… that’s good.  Financial Peace principles to the rescue again!    I had the category  “vacation”  in our budget already… we’ll just ramp up  what we put into that “envelope” and save the money so we can pay as we go and not have anything to pay on a credit card…So far, so good… Now we get down to the nitty gritty and set plans to leave…

We had to plan it so that we weren’t needed at our respective jobs… I had just started a new job when he told me… so I was a little concerned about taking time off so soon… he was working on parts for a new carnival ride… hmmm…. we finally set a time and shot for it.

Because our vehicles are mostly short range vehicles, a.k.a. don’t leave home too far with them… we rent a car when we go long distances… which we did for this trip.  Our target day and time for leaving (or maybe I should say my target time) was Saturday around noon… good?  Of course, good!  My reason for traveling on Saturday was so that we could make it to a town in time to have a good night’s rest and be able to get up and go to church on Sunday….travel or not, I like to be in church.

Here’s where the plan starts falling apart.   Daughter’s car not working well on Friday… hubby and daughter get up early on Saturday, run to salvage yard to get parts and work on it… long story short, we left home about 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.   We were less than 10 miles from the rental place when the emissions light came on, so we called their roadside service people who recommended we return the car to the rental place.    We did so reluctantly because we really liked the model we were first given.    Much to our dismay, we were not given the same model as before.. though we did get the sporty version…. it was okay.   Disappointment builds character.

We left the rental place, drove 4 1/2 hours and stopped and went to church in Grand Junction at Pear Park Baptist Church.

After enjoying the service and then lunch we continued our journey into Utah.   It started out pretty well, then we started going down through the mountain passes between Green River (yeah… wasn’t there a mouse or something that went to Green River on a train???)  and Richfield.

As we drove, we could see snow coming over the mountains and into the valleys as the sun shown through it.  That was rather fascinating but my fascination with it didn’t last long as we continued on and the snow started sticking to the road…

Now mountain passes in sunshine are one thing… mountain passes in snow are quite another and quite honestly… not my favorite thing to do… and I know this may surprise you but they’re actually not even on my Bucket list.  We had hoped to get down the road a ways before we had to stop for the night but it wasn’t looking too good.  I was nervous.  Then all of sudden we were over the summits (we went over two or three 6 – 7,000 ft summits)  and the snow quite literally quit.

By 6:00 o’clock though we were both extremely tired and decided to stop in Beaver, UT where we sought accommodations at the Comfort Inn…Ahh… now we could relax.     We were given a nice room with a Jacuzzi in it and because Hubby had complained of his back hurting quite a bit during the drive (he has chronic back pain)  I thought the Jacuzzi was just the thing for him….the nice thing about it is we didn’t ask for it but it was offered to us…  I think God had this planned for us…. this was a good ending to a very long and tiring day.

Until Next time, love God, love others and remember… sometimes part of a trip is the journey of getting started!


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