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River Rocks Part 2
November 30, 2016, 6:51 am
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14 deaths

8 funerals

6 trips out of state

1 furnace kaput

1 microburst/mini tornado

1 major software transition

1 hearing aid lost

1 wellwater pump/no water

No this isn’t a macabre version of the 12 days of Christmas.   As it turns out this has been my river called 2016.

I am not recounting this so you might feel sympathy for me but that you might understand the background for my own river rock monument.

  • The first death I encountered this year was my own mother’s.  However before she left earth’s portal, God gave us a very special time with her for what would be her last birthday party on earth.  Awesome conversations with mom …my first rock.
  • After we returned from mom’s funeral we went through a major software change at work that stressed us all out….coworkers that believe we are a team and good one at that!…my second rock.
  • Funerals we’re sprinkled throughout the year for family and friends…some required traveling.  Because my husband and I had gone through Dave Ramsey’s FPU which teaches you how to tell your money what to do, we were not caught out with debt to travel…in fact we didn’t even have to touch our emergency fund.   All travel was cash flowed….my third rock.
  • This summer our furnace went kaput (after 40 years I can’t understand it….they just don’t make em like they used to…lol) …enter the emergency fund…my fourth rock.
  • A microburst came through our property this summer uprooting at least 5 dead trees….we were going to have to cut them down and cut them up to burn in our woodstove….rock number 5 and six….trees cut up and burned in wood stove while we await the furmace to be put in…
  • During one of our trips to clean out mom’s house, I lost one of my hearing aids….bummer…but when I went to see my audiologist it was time to replace them anyway….because of my insurance I was able to not only replace but upgrade them and it didn’t cost me anything out of pocket..woohoo…my 7th rock.
  • During that same trip we learned our sister-in-law would be in Tulsa to start chemo…so we asked if we could stop by on our way home…we did and spent some precious time with her…two weeks later she left earth’s door for heaven’s shore….my next rock.
  • The microburst also uprooted one of our electric poles necessitating the electric coop replace it…when  they did they moved the transformer pole closer to our well pump which necessitated some rewiring and replacement of the pump…River rock…

So as you can see though it’s been a rough year…a draining one in every aspect, God has been there all the way and provided what we needed when we needed it.

Until next time, love God, love others and find the river rocks in your river times.


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