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Thank You
January 8, 2017, 7:36 am
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As a young girl, I was taught that it was polite to say please and thank you when given some small attention or thing.    I learned to say thank you because it was expected of me but did I and/or do I truly know how to be grateful?

Today is Sunday.   Today, I will go to church.  Today, I will care for babies and toddlers in the nursery while their parents are somewhere else in the church teaching a Sunday School lesson or sitting in a Sunday School classroom listening to a lesson from God’s Word.   Today, I will play the organ for the song service during the morning and evening services.   Today, I will play the organ during choir practice.  Today I will sit and listen as the pastor preaches a sermon… Today… today…

As the morning blushes with the first light of dawn, I sit here and contemplate life.  More specifically… my life.

As the sunrise paints it’s way gloriously across the morning sky I wonder what this day will bring forth.  I wonder what difference my life will make…today.

How will I live this day?   Will I be thankful today…. not only say “Thank you” but truly in the core of my heart feel and be thankful?

Being thankful is a choice.   My choice.   It is the choice between seeing life as it is or seeing it how I wish or think it should be.   It is the choice between”just going through the motions of daily activity” or the choice of truly engaging in life.   It is the choice between seeing the “small” things or wishing for “bigger” things.

Today, I choose to be grateful.   Today, I choose to be grateful for the colors of the sunrise.  Today, I choose to be grateful for the promise the day holds.   Today, I choose to look at the day as Anne  of Green Gables did, “with no mistakes in it yet.”

When mom and dad were teaching me to say “please” and “thank you”, they couldn’t make me be grateful… so what was the point?    The point is we can choose to be grateful or we can choose to be ungrateful and wish for a life that is not ours to live.   So, are you and I choosing to be grateful?   Gratitude changes the way we view life.   Gratitude adds meaning to our lives but gratitude is a choice.

So much to think about.

Until next time, love God, love others and… choose to be grateful.



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