Where Antelope Roam


Hi!   So, glad you’ve come by for a visit.  If you don’t know me, (and maybe if you do)   My name is Molly, I am a born-again Christian who loves the Lord and loves serving Him.   I am married with a family. 

 My blog is titled Where Antelope Roam because that’s where we live.   We see deer and antelope year around (no buffalo though..lol) but mostly when it’s hunting season in another state…lol.   We live not only where the deer and the antelope roam but sandhill cranes stop by on occasion, geese fly in every now and again.  Of course, there are coyotes, jackrabbits, badgers, we even had a porcupine stop in for a visit.  Of course, we also have the snakes… {{shudder}}.  Most of the ones around our home are harmless bull snakes but to me… a snake is a snake is a snake and there are NO GOOD snakes!  Just some that keep the more harmful ones away.

We also live where you realize there’s so much we can learn and do for ourselves.

I like to play the piano and accordion.   I love to read though it is a passion that sometimes becomes my downfall.  I love to study the Word of God and  I write devotionals to share what I’m learning.   I play the organ at our church for congregational singing as well as for the choir.  .


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