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A Tale of Two Queens
June 19, 2016, 6:43 am
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There once lived two queens in a palace far, far away. The first queen, Queen Maria, was a wicked and selfish queen. She was a demanding monarch who desired to have preeminence over all, including her husband, the king. She was often harsh with her subjects and required them to follow all the rules that ultimately satisfied her own whims and capricious sentiments. She required them to work without thought for their own person but to accomplish the things she wished them to do. As you might imagine, her subjects feared her and always tried to obey or stay out of her way for when disobedience was perceived, Queen Maria’s wrath knew no bounds.

The other queen was Queen Josephina, also married to the king. As selfish and demanding as Queen Maria was, Queen Josephina was good and kind. Though she was a queen, her first thought was for her subjects’ welfare. She desired them to be educated and personally challenged them as much as possible. She involved herself directly in their education and personal development on the spiritual, emotional and social levels.

As time went on, they struggled with each other Queen Maria wanting preeminence and desiring that Queen Josephina die. Queen Josephina wanted just to live her life the best she could in service to others..for though she was a queen, she knew the admonition, that “if any man desire to be first, the same shall be last and servant of all.”

Josephina knew this was her life goal… to serve others; for though Josephina was a queen, she knew she was subject to a Higher King than even her spouse. She desired to please that King more than anything else. Maria…. Well, she just thought serving others was way beneath her station and deserved none of her attention.

Soon, much to her chagrin, Maria was banished to the lower levels of the palace because of her pride and hatred of others. Josephina was given a place of deference in the upper regions of the palace. She continued to be kind and helpful to all who needed her help.

Then one day, Josephina became ill. Servants and subjects alike sought to find her comfort, attending to her every need. Maria spewed her venom toward Josephina… for she hated who Josephina had become. She declared that she was the rightful queen of this palace and deserved to be carried down the streets of the kingdom on a litter carried by servants. She felt she was the one who deserved the honor, praise, and obeisance from servants and subjects alike.

Meanwhile, Josephina was tenderly cared for by her servants who dearly loved her for who she was. For the kindness that Josephina had always shown them meant a great deal to them and had endeared her to them.

One day, Josephina’s subjects came to visit her and while asking how she was doing, she said, “oh, I’m doing fine. The neighbors aren’t really happy with all those people standing around outside singing but I’m doing just fine.”

When questioned regarding those people, she said, “They’re white robed and singing, “holy, holy, holy.”… It was then that her subjects realized she was seeing that “great cloud of witnesses” who had surrounded her and watched as Josephina ran her earthly race.

The veil had been drawn back to show Josephina what awaited her.  Josephina was about to cross the finish line of her race for she had left behind all those things that would slow her down in her race… she ran her race with patience and she now could see the finish line.

Shortly after that Josephina crossed the finish line and was presented to her King. The One who had authored her faith and made it complete… for He was sitting on the throne surrounded by “the great cloud of witnesses” who were singing… “Holy, holy, holy”.

Until next time, love God, love others and run your race with patience…