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Banana Pudding and Meatloaf

Does that sound gross to you?   Well, DD had her laser procedure yesterday… I know, I know… I errantly called it surgery but it was a “procedure”.   I sat in the same room with her while it was done.   She said it felt like little scissors in her eyes snipping but not bad… Anyway, we had to go to Greeley for her to have it done.

When we go to the “big” city we are usually gone for a good portion of the day and we generally end up at a buffet of some sort.  DD and my favorites ones  are Golden Corral and Country Buffet.   Now, Country Buffet has the most wonderful banana pudding and, of course, hot fudge cheesecake!   (Cheesecake is wonderful with hot fudge on top of it— yes, I put my own on).   

DH is not fond of banana pudding to say the least.  He would only eat it if there was nothing else to eat but me… I LOVE banana pudding… Perhaps because it reminds me of mom and home and growing up.  Banana pudding as a staple dessert for special occasions in our family of six children.

Now, meatloaf… I love meatloaf… just not mine… for some reason I cannot make meatloaf that’s worth eating to save my life!  DH has never said anything about it but I can see it in his eyes…. the pleading … “don’t make this EVER again,  PLEASE!!!”…. though he’d never say anything to hurt my feelings.

So, yesterday, I got my meatloaf at Golden Corral… though they didn’t have banana pudding…they did have another childhood favorite that brought lots of memories… bread pudding… Now, mom always put raisins in bread pudding for what ever reason… and I can’t say I liked that part but the rest of it was wonderful.  Again, this is something DH would NEVER eat unless he was starving! 

This has been a bonanza week for doctors at our place.   I took DH to the ER on Friday with his “it feels like someone’s standing on my chest” pain.   Thankfully we found out it was “just” pneumonia… He’s on an antibiotic and he sees the doctor again today… so we’ll see how things go… then, of course, DD was yesterday…. tomorrow…it’s me.

So until next time, love God, love others… and try some banana pudding and meatloaf… it’ll make your life grand!  😀


Make your own Eagle Brand Milk
December 9, 2008, 5:33 pm
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1 lg can of eagle bran equals:

1/2 cup powdered milk

3/4 c. sugar

1/2 c. warm water

Beat together.  Make 8 oz . 

To make 14 oz add

1/4 c milk

1/2 c sugar

1/4 c warm water