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Grandma Beemer’s Molasses Cookies…
November 26, 2014, 3:54 pm
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a.k.a. Christmas cookies… Grandma Beemer was a farm wife…. she had 12 children, 11 of whom made it through infancy.   Grandma made molasses cookies every year at Christmas.   She made quite a few because there was a crowd to feed and seriously… who could resist her molasses cookies?

For us, her children’s children, going to grandma and grandpa’s at Christmas time meant being able to joy in the taste of fresh molasses cookies… mmmm…   I don’t know how many batches grandma would make up each year but if they went as fast at her house and they do at mine, she had to bake a lot!

Grandma’s been gone now for several years but thankfully, she passed the recipe down to my mother who in turn passed it down to those of her children who wanted the recipe.   It has become a tradition for me to bake a half batch of these wondrous delights at Christmas time for my family and to share with friends who enjoy them.   They’re wonderful with morning coffee or milk or just about anything (except liver…. lol) !

Well, a full batch is now mixed up waiting to be baked in the morning.    If you smell the wafting aroma of molasses cookies in the air, it may just be me baking ’em.

I know this is two posts in one day but… I am grateful for Grandma’s recipe but more for the memories those cookies bring back to me.   Of going to grandma’s house and then later sitting around my parents home, eating cookies and playing games at Christmas time when the whole gang was able to make it and dad sitting in the living room listening to his kids be roudy!   This year dad’s in heaven and we’ll make new memories with others to carry on the tradition of what family means to us.   Miss you, dad.

Until next time, love God, smell the baking of good things, and be sure to tell your loved ones you love them while you can.



September 16, 2013, 11:13 am
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Mini Monkey bread

Yum, Yum!

The advantage of not having to get up early and go to work is that you can stay home and make these for breakfast!   Wonderfulness!

These are relatively easy to make though somewhat messy… take 12 frozen dinner rolls (not bread) from Rhodes and thaw only enough to be able to cut each roll in 6 pieces….then I put brown sugar and cinnamon in on dish and one stick of melted butter in the other.

I take the six pieces from each roll, dip them in the melted butter then roll them in the brown sugar mixture… (the actual recipe called for corn syrup after the butter but that makes it too sweet for me… so I leave the corn syrup out.)  after rolling in the brown sugar I put each of the six pieces in one muffin well that has been slightly oiled with olive oil.    I repeat this until the entire 12 wells are full of these.   Then I let them set and rise slightly… maybe 20 minutes… then I heat my oven to 325 and put these in and bake approximately 15-17 minutes…. when they’re done, I take parchment paper and cover a cookie sheet turning it upside down over the muffin pan.   Then I flip the muffin pan over so that all these come out on the parchment paper on the cookie sheet… simple and clean… easy clean up on the cookie sheet… the muffin pan is a little more involved but it’s worth it!

Until next time,  love God, love others and enjoy your food!


Banana Pudding and Meatloaf

Does that sound gross to you?   Well, DD had her laser procedure yesterday… I know, I know… I errantly called it surgery but it was a “procedure”.   I sat in the same room with her while it was done.   She said it felt like little scissors in her eyes snipping but not bad… Anyway, we had to go to Greeley for her to have it done.

When we go to the “big” city we are usually gone for a good portion of the day and we generally end up at a buffet of some sort.  DD and my favorites ones  are Golden Corral and Country Buffet.   Now, Country Buffet has the most wonderful banana pudding and, of course, hot fudge cheesecake!   (Cheesecake is wonderful with hot fudge on top of it— yes, I put my own on).   

DH is not fond of banana pudding to say the least.  He would only eat it if there was nothing else to eat but me… I LOVE banana pudding… Perhaps because it reminds me of mom and home and growing up.  Banana pudding as a staple dessert for special occasions in our family of six children.

Now, meatloaf… I love meatloaf… just not mine… for some reason I cannot make meatloaf that’s worth eating to save my life!  DH has never said anything about it but I can see it in his eyes…. the pleading … “don’t make this EVER again,  PLEASE!!!”…. though he’d never say anything to hurt my feelings.

So, yesterday, I got my meatloaf at Golden Corral… though they didn’t have banana pudding…they did have another childhood favorite that brought lots of memories… bread pudding… Now, mom always put raisins in bread pudding for what ever reason… and I can’t say I liked that part but the rest of it was wonderful.  Again, this is something DH would NEVER eat unless he was starving! 

This has been a bonanza week for doctors at our place.   I took DH to the ER on Friday with his “it feels like someone’s standing on my chest” pain.   Thankfully we found out it was “just” pneumonia… He’s on an antibiotic and he sees the doctor again today… so we’ll see how things go… then, of course, DD was yesterday…. tomorrow…it’s me.

So until next time, love God, love others… and try some banana pudding and meatloaf… it’ll make your life grand!  😀

Almond Joys have nuts… Mounds don’t
December 9, 2008, 5:29 pm
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Okay… for all you “nutty” people out there here’ s a recipe I remember from my youth.  Mom would fix these at Christmastime  when I was growing up.  I don’t fix them now because my dh doesn’t like coconut, but these are delish if you like coconut!

 1 1/2 boxes of powedered sugar (confectioner’s)

1 lb chopped pecans or almonds, finely chopped

1 lb coconut.

Place 1 1/2 sticks of oleo, margarine or butter and one large can of Eagle brand milk in a double boiler.  Once butter is melted, add powdered sugar, nuts and coconut.  Mix well.

Butter oblong cake pan (9 x 13) pat mixture into pan as tight as possible and refrigerate at least 8 hours.

Melt 12 oz pkg of chocolate chips wiht a stick of parafin (that’s wax, ya know)… in a double boiler (over water).  Cut candy into 1/2″ squares and dip in chocolate.  Put on buttered platter and refrigerate til hardened.   Voile!  Almond Joys.. enjoy…

Another Use for those Turkey Leftovers
December 4, 2008, 7:10 am
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This is actually one of my favorite recipes.  I love enchiladas but I hate making ’em… so, I’ve improvised … get the taste… not the work.

So, here it is… I used leftover turkey for this last night but I normally use chicken… cause that’s what I can get.  Here is what you need:

1 pkg of white corn tortillas with pizza cutter. (No the pizza cutter doesn’t come with a pkg of white corn tortillas.. I just figured you already had one… if you don’t use a sharp knife…) 😀

Cooked chicken/turkey in whatever amount you want to pile on.

1 lg can of enchilada sauce.

Cheese… any kind you like.. I use Co-Jack

So, take a handful of tortillas and take your pizza cutter and run them through several times so that you have three or four sets of strips.

Now, oh yeah… did I mention you need a baking dish of some kind for this.   I use a glass rectangular one… but whatever you use is fine, I’m sure (except this doesn’t work so well in a casserole dish). 

Now that you have your baking dish.. you do have it, right? … spread some of the enchilada sauce  (I use red because I’m a wimp when it comes to pico (spicy hot) stuff)… on the bottom of the dish.   Then take a handful of tortilla strips and spread them over the sauce until the bottom of the dish is pretty much covered.   Then, break up your turkey/chicken and spread it over the tortillas.. so that it looks fairly full.. Now shread as much cheese as you like over the chicken…

Okay.. so this probably isn’t one of your heart-healthy recipes but hey… I said it was good didn’t I?

Now, repeat the process until you’ve used all your ingredients or your dish is full… Cover with foil and bake at about 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (or until the cheese is melted and Voile!  the taste of enchiladas without the mess and work of real enchiladas… Okay…. sometimes I do make real enchiladas but I work you know…

Salad Dressing Cake
December 3, 2008, 3:18 pm
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This is a recipe I remember being fixed at our house a lot as a child.   It was our basic birthday cake.   I think it’s hard to beat.  Having a diabetic child, I’ve even substituted xylitol for the sugar and it still tastes pretty good.

Salad Dressing Cake

2 c. flour

2 tsp baking soda

4 TBL cocoa

1 c sugar

1 c salad dressing (not mayonaise)

1 c. hot water

1 tsp vanilla

Sift all dry ingredients together.    Mix hot water, salad dressing and vanilla together then combine with dry ingredients.    Pour into a greased and floured 9 x 13  cake pan or use a sheet cake pan.  Bake at 350* for 25 -30 minutes.

Allow this to cool (or not), then apply frosting.

Fudge frosting

2 c. sugar

1/2 c. cocoa

1/2 c. milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 stick of butter (margarine)

Combine all ingredients except vanilla and butter and bring to a rolling boil for two minutes.    At two minutes, take off heat and add vanilla and butter and stir.   Now… this has always been sticky recipe for me to get just the right consistency so… use your own judgement.  I like chocolate so.. I really don’t care what the consistency is.  When you’re happy with the consistency, pour over cake.   Eat… be happy!  😀

Oatmeal Cookies
December 1, 2008, 9:15 pm
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This is my dh favorite cookie.   He just wishes I’d bake them more often.  It came from my mom.  Mom’s recipe has coconut in it but dh is not fond of that so I leave it out.  Mom’s recipe says this makes 10 dozen but I’ve only been able to get about 8 dozen max.  If you don’t want that many cookies, you can easily half this recipe.  I do it all the time.

In a large bowl, cream together the following ingredients:

2 c. oleo (4 sticks) softened

2 c. white sugar

2 c. brown sugar

5 eggs

4 tsp vanilla

Next, combine this flour mixture by sifting together :

3 1/2 c flour

1 tsp salt

2 tsp soda

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cloves

1 tsp nutmet

1 tsp ginger

Next combine:

6 c oatmeal (quick-cook)

2  c toasted coconut (if you add this, which I don’t, toast the coconut before you begin the recipe.  – Instructions below.)

2 c raisins (1 – 15 oz pkg)

2 c. coarsely broken walnuts

Add alternately with flour mixture to the sugar mixture.  Mix thoroughly and drop by teaspoons on ungreased cookie sheet (I cook myine with foil-shiny side down.)  Bake at 325 degrees for 12 minutes.

Note: cookies will appear quite soft at end of cooking time.  They’re supposed to or else they will be hard when cooled.

To Toast Coconut:

measure coconut and spread it out evenly on a cookie sheet.  Preheat oven when starting cookies and put coconut in to toast while getting the rest together.  It will take 8 to 10 minutes.   You want it to be fairly brown.