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Grandma Beemer’s Molasses Cookies…
November 26, 2014, 3:54 pm
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a.k.a. Christmas cookies… Grandma Beemer was a farm wife…. she had 12 children, 11 of whom made it through infancy.   Grandma made molasses cookies every year at Christmas.   She made quite a few because there was a crowd to feed and seriously… who could resist her molasses cookies?

For us, her children’s children, going to grandma and grandpa’s at Christmas time meant being able to joy in the taste of fresh molasses cookies… mmmm…   I don’t know how many batches grandma would make up each year but if they went as fast at her house and they do at mine, she had to bake a lot!

Grandma’s been gone now for several years but thankfully, she passed the recipe down to my mother who in turn passed it down to those of her children who wanted the recipe.   It has become a tradition for me to bake a half batch of these wondrous delights at Christmas time for my family and to share with friends who enjoy them.   They’re wonderful with morning coffee or milk or just about anything (except liver…. lol) !

Well, a full batch is now mixed up waiting to be baked in the morning.    If you smell the wafting aroma of molasses cookies in the air, it may just be me baking ’em.

I know this is two posts in one day but… I am grateful for Grandma’s recipe but more for the memories those cookies bring back to me.   Of going to grandma’s house and then later sitting around my parents home, eating cookies and playing games at Christmas time when the whole gang was able to make it and dad sitting in the living room listening to his kids be roudy!   This year dad’s in heaven and we’ll make new memories with others to carry on the tradition of what family means to us.   Miss you, dad.

Until next time, love God, smell the baking of good things, and be sure to tell your loved ones you love them while you can.