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Theology learned from a 3-year-old

My daughter is, in many respects very different from me.    She’s curious and often allows that curiosity to take her places I myself would be afraid to go.  However, I’ve learned a lot from her (don’t tell her I said this….  lol)   There was a time when she was toddling, that I wrote down (or journaled) some of our encounters and how God used those encounters in my life… on this page, I’d like to share this journal.   So, here goes.   Hereare my first two entries.   I will continue to add to this page so, come back here often if this blesses you.

The Lord says if you love your children you will discipline them (even as He does with those of His own), but honestly, there are days I feel like that’s all I ever do!  On one such day after disciplining my daughter, in an exasperated tone of voice I asked, “How many times do I have to spank you before you decide you will obey me?”  I left her room in tears and God stopped me in my tracks.  He whispered to me.  “Molly, sometimes I feel like all I ever do is discipline you.  How many times must I spank YOU before you will obey ME?”  “O Lord, I cried, I am such a disobedient child to You.  O, please forgive my willful stubbornness! Thank you for loving me enough to discipline me and making me remember that I am Your child.”­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­



In our house, we have a rule.  If you don’t eat at mealtime with the rest of the family, then you must wait until the next meal to have anything to eat.  One night, Katie Jo decided she didn’t like what was put on the table to eat.  Knowing that I would be going to a Bible Study that night and she would be going with her daddy down to grandpa’s (who enjoys feeding her anything she asks for), I said, “Now, Katie Jo, you can’t eat anything at grandpa’s tonight, do you understand?”  She nodded her head.


When I returned from my class that night, I asked Katie if she had been good.  To which she answered by nodding her head vigorously.  Then I asked the hard question, “Did you obey and not eat anything at grandpa’s?”  “Well,” she replied, “Grandpa didn’t obey!”


God spoke to my heart as He often asks the hard question, “Did you obey Me?” When I know I haven’t like a child I want to pass off the blame.  Surely, it’s not my fault!  Perhaps it was because my husband, or my daughter, or —oh just anyone else didn’t obey! As if because they weren’t obedient that should absolve me from having disobeyed!  I don’t want to take responsibility for my own disobedience and when I don’t that is when my anger at being held accountable can turn to depression.  Oh, if only I’d own up to my sin, He will forgive and cleanse me from it.






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