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Working on Gratitude
February 4, 2017, 3:06 pm
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Hi there again!   I know it’s been a while since I wrote… I’ve been working on my gratitude attitude.

As I say that I realize today would have been my mother’s 84th birthday… it’s been a year… since I saw her.    We celebrated her birthday.   I think she was glad we were all there to celebrate with her.   So, today, I’m grateful.

Grateful for the gift of spending one more birthday with mom.   Grateful that all my siblings and I could be there.   Grateful for the memories of mom.

Memories such as:  watching with her and my younger siblings for the school bus that would spirit my two older sisters away for the day.   Of watching through the plate glass window in wonder as the sun crested grandpa’s dairy barn.   Of me and mom times even when that meant I had to go to the dentist… mom and I would go to Dart’s Restaurant as a special treat.

Summers with mom…often meant special lunch meat (not bologna) bought from the small downtown grocery, pop and chips for lunch.   VBS… mom director… Bible stories told with great creativity… though I daresay, she was more careful with her words after the story of Adam and Eve prompted an unhappy parent to call to find out why she was naked behind the piano.   (no… she really wasn’t naked… Adam and Eve were ….lol)..  vacations in the UP where we’d all go with her and Mr. Tuttle as they’d search the roadside grasses for new wildflowers to see and we’d enjoy the summer breezes coming off Lake Michigan.

Years of teaching piano to school children at home… where some of her own children learned more by listening to her teach them than actually doing the work ourselves… then the times when she taught at Grinnell’s in town…and we’d get to come in and wait in the mall for her to get off… of going to Coney Island and getting a coney dog… or  A& W for rootbeer…of overcoming shyness and anxiety by playing the piano at church while she played the organ loud enough to cover my mistakes…

Holiday memories were some of the best…  Easter dresses made each year… one year identical dresses and hats in different colors for each of us girls.   Memorial day when we’d watch and wait for the band to go by the house with all the living veterans of past wars…. mom coming out on the porch to watch… July 4th was the same.. as we watched the floats go by then go up to the school grounds for the carnival… mom made the best potato salad… mmmm… Thanksgiving and Christmas were always special as mom went all out for the meals.   We often had others who would join us for those meals… of course, one cannot forget the games mom would play with us all, particularly as we got older… Boggle… she could find more words and longer ones than most of the rest of us… Skipbo… Uno… then of course, Trivial pursuit… geographically, it seemed the answer was always East Yemen…. I didn’t even know where East Yemen was… let alone why it was an answer…

Christmas was always special in another way as well…. mom was in charge of the Christmas programs at church…. some years, there was an all out, all character Christmas story told… other years it was a musical concert…regardless of what genre it took, it was always special.

I have memories of coming downstairs in the morning finding mom at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and her Bible open and trying to be as quiet as I could.  (one did not talk to mom first thing in the morning until she’d had at least one cup of coffee)….  of mom teaching Bible to teenage Sunday school classes as well as Bible studies many older women in the community attended.

These are just a few of my memories…lest you think I’ve chosen not to remember any bad memories… I have those as well… and am grateful even for those because those times taught me how to persevere even when life was not idyllic.

Until next time, love God, love others and … Happy Birthday, mom….. thanks for the memories..


Happy New Year!
January 5, 2016, 1:20 pm
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Okay, so I know we’re a little beyond New Year’s day but we’re still new enough in the year to constitute the greeting!

As I face this new year and another birthday coming around the corner, I ask myself what do I want to do in this coming year?   I’ve never been one for making resolutions because as everyone knows resolutions don’t usually make it past the first month of the year.

I’ve never even really been one to have particular goals…but this year, I’m asking myself questions like ones I’ve seen on Facebook … like “what will I do this year that will affect eternity?”   “What one word do I want to ascribe to during this year?”

Now those are good questions, my own question looked more like what is/or will be/should be my purpose for this year?   What will this year look like for me… individually, maritaly and in relationships with others around me be they family, friends or co-workers.   In what areas do I want/need to grow?

I’ve been thinking about the word thing and so words like intentional, interested, integrity, intellect, and honesty come to mind.  Words like relationships, influence, mentoring … so many words yet how to choose just one to focus and act upon in this year… I don’t know if I can do that.

So, as I look back at the year past I find myself thinking of things I want to work on in personal growth areas and in relationships.  I look back and see the things that I enjoyed from last year and things I learned.   Things like how much I enjoy being with hubby … and being a homemaker… and helping people.

Then I think about the things that caused me pain last year.  Not so I can wallow in self-pity over those things but to find what those painful things have to teach me.  I realize how much at a loss I am when it comes to interacting with people I know face to face and how much that really scares me and yet know I have much work to do in that area.

Lots of things to think about… so how about you?   As you look at the past year and then ahead at the future, what is it that calls to you?   What is it that you find you’d like to pursue a little further in depth?

Until next time, love God, love others, act in the present to pursue the future

A Blessed Life
February 10, 2015, 7:38 pm
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Today, I celebrated the 19th anniversary of my 39th year on this earth.    (I could tell you straight out how old I am but it wouldn’t be as much fun!)

I never really thought I’d get to this age in my life.   I remember when my own parents were this age, I thought it was pretty old.   Now, I don’t think that way so much…. go figure?

Now, as I celebrate this time, I look back on a life that has been blessed beyond measure.    I was blessed with parents who knew the importance of introducing me to my Creator early in life.  I am blessed with many sisters and a brother.

I was blessed to be able to attend college and graduate.   I was blessed to be able to spend time in a foreign country where many people impacted my life to one degree or another.

I am blessed because of personalities that were challenging along the way.   Some have challenged me to be better in some areas than I was content to be on my own.   Many have encouraged me along the way to do or say things that have helped others.

While my life has had it’s challenges just as others have had,  they were challenges I needed to grow as a person as I might not otherwise done and I’m grateful for those challenges.

I thought of more I wanted to say but today has been a busy, busy day and I find myself tired.   Today culminated in a nice quiet dinner with the man God blessed me with earlier in life.   How thankful and grateful I am for what God has given me in family and friends, in challenges along life’s way, with opportunities to grow and become the person He desires me to be.    So….

Until next time, love God, love others and thanks to all who’ve wished me well today.

Such a blessed day!
February 11, 2009, 6:59 am
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Yesterday I had a very good day though I still had to work… but alas, that is the world of the adult… you have to work EVEN if your birthday falls on a workday… 😀   However, the Lord blessed me with a shortened version of my usual Tuesday work… so that was nice.

Well, Odie is presently having his manhood taken care of today at the vet so he will be better able to tend to business.  I will go later this afternoon to retrieve him…. Alas, Marmaduke has departed from our presence…. He is missed.  However, he was an old “man” and was having issues associated with that age.   He’d become very protective of me which wasn’t so good for anyone else… in fact, he’d become an issue even for family members…so… cry1 we bid Old Man Marmaduke Adieu.

I was talking with my SIL RM yesterday and we were talking about birthdays and the years between each of my siblings… (I have five).  I had a memory of when I was very young.  We lived in the very first house I can remember when I was sent to the neighbors to spend the night.   At the time, I thought it was neat (we didn’t use the word “cool” then… :D) that I got to spend the night at the neighbors house, even though they were older.   (Where my two older sisters were, I do not recall).  However as I was thinking about the reason why I was sent there, I realized it was the birth day of my little sis.   She  was born on my 2nd birthday.   This is one of the very few memories I have from that age and I never connected the spending the night with neighbors with the birth of my ds until a few years ago… Must be my age…. can’t remember what happened an hour ago… but I can remember things when I was two…241

I am most grateful that God has allowed me to reach my present age.   Though I have to admit when I was dd age, I never thought I’d get to be this old.   To me 25  WAS old… and yet, the Lord has blessed me along my journey.  I am grateful for the friends and family He has put in my life.   You’re all so precious to me and become even more precious the older I get and realize that temporary parting of our ways may come sooner than any of us expect.   

Well, I don’t know what just came over me… so I’ll have to go and think about that… until next time though, stay warm, Love God and love others… pursue precious relationships….

Someone let…
February 10, 2009, 7:58 am
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the cat out of the bag… yes, today is my birthday and I’m all of 25 … I’m sure of it… though I may be dyslexic here…cid_2138628e-3c49-435c-bcf9-d56fb04c5843  

However, today is ALSO one of my sister’s birthday.   My mother decided that on my second birthday, the present she’d give me was a little sister…. I’m sure I was thrilled at that time… but you know… I’m just sure mom loved her more than me…       Sigh…. So, Marty, if you read this after your deep sea fishing venture…   17Hope it was great!  I tried calling you early but….I have apparently not kept up with your phone number changes…. sigh…blushsmile21

On my agenda today is work, work, work…. you know me….

So, until next time…. stay warm, love God and love others today…. pursue those relationships!

Happy Birthday, DB
December 27, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Today is my db’s birthday… He’s younger than me, so I’m not going to rat him out on his age. 

I did call him this am and sang Happy Birthday to him… I just know he was thrilled…     Especially, since one of my older sisters beat me to it.  

Hmmm… well, we’re sick.  Dh has cold/flu.. don’t know which but he’s also stubborn and refuses to take it easy… So, he’s been outside, trying to at least look busy.   😉

I, on the other hand, have a sinus infection of some kind that has planted a pocket sore on the roof of my mouth and makes eating difficult. …  it must be the New Year.. trying to give me a reason to eat less…   😀

I have been doing unexpected paying work today and getting dd motivated to get some work done at home before she goes to a youth activity with the young people at our church.

Since it’s a ways to town dh and I are planning on having a little together alone time… go have supper together even though we’re sick …that way I don’t have to cook!   Of course, we may end up having to have dd drive us home… NOT.    🙂

I didn’t tell you that I had  a culinary achievement for Christmas dinner.   I finally, have learned how to make delicious homemade dinner rolls.   Hmmm… had some left over.. so, that’s what I’ve been munching on off and on today… forget the sore… food still tastes good to me.