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We were eating….
March 5, 2009, 9:34 am
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supper when movement caught the corner of my husband’s eye out the window.   “Oh shoot!”  he said.  I asked, “what’s the matter?”.   He said “I just saw a calf go past the window….”  I said, “really?” and got up and looked out the window.

Sure enough as I looked out the window, it was not just one calf but several that I could see and they were headed for the distillers… If you don’t know what that is and chances are unless you know anything about feeding cattle, you may not.  Distillers is the byproduct of ethanol production.  They’ve discovered it is a source of high and concentrated protein for cattle.   So, we have a pile of it south of our house and yes, when the wind is blowing just right, it can smell a little like a brewery … or so I’ve been told, never having been near a brewery.

Well, dh and I put our shoes on, collected Odie to help and went out to find out the problem.   When I got outside with Odie there were about 20-30 head surrounding the pile of distillers.. Now, did I mention that cattle really like distillers… it’s kind of like candy to them.  So, Odie and I tried to shoo them away from it… very hard to do… in the process of doing that I also discovered it is not wise to try to walk through the pile.   It’s the closest thing to quicksand I’ve ever been in.  

Finally, I pulled my cell phone out and called RM to come help.  She rides a bike like nobody I know and knows how to wield it well enough to round them up.   DH and I had gotten about 50 head down the lane and back into one of the corrals.  However, we discovered there were approximately 300 head out.   Apparently, one of the gates to the corral had been worked open by the cattle.   These are teenager calves… not a lick of sense in any of ’em… 241.  Well, by the time we got everyone rounded up and back where they were supposed to be,  going to church was not going to be possible.   We all smelled like the corrals, not to mention all the dust kicked up causing havoc with our sinuses.   It was a fun night, to be sure… NOT.

So, there you have… until next time, love God, love others and pursue those relationships!