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In My Father’s Arms
June 20, 2015, 1:53 pm
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This will be the second Father’s Day since my dad left this world for the next but the Lord reminded me of a special event from the past to remember my dad this year.    If you’ve been watching the news, you know we’ve had a lot of storms dumping rain in the west causing widespread flooding this spring.  In fact, this year from the week before Mother’s Day to this week, we’ve had some pretty torrential rains.

At the beginning of this week, we had a rather strong thunderstorm come through our area after midnight.  It was one that woke both hubby and me up, partially because the thunder bothered our dog who kept barking at the thunder.

As I lay in bed, listening to the thunder and watching as the lightning played across the skies, I was taken back to a time when I was about 4 or 5 years old.   We lived on Grandpa’s farm in the hired hand’s house.  It was a two-story farmhouse and as I would later recognize as the pattern, us kids had our rooms upstairs while mom and dad’s was downstairs.

One night, I remember coming downstairs having been awakened by a thunderstorm.   I was frightened by it.   I remember coming into the kitchen where my dad happened to be.    When he saw me and realized I was afraid of the thunder, he picked me up in his arms and we sat in an old wooden rocker and rocked for a while.   He talked to me in soothing tones, though to be honest, I don’t remember what he said.   Being in my dad’s arms helped calm my fears and I’ve never been afraid of the thunderstorm since.   Truth be told, I love a good thunderstorm now.

My dad is now in heaven but I was reminded of what God’s Word says in Psalm 56 verse 3.   “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee”  and Deuteronomy 33:27 says, “The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms….”

Life is fraught with storms… personal storms, family storms, societal storms, yet as a child of God if these storms make me afraid, I know I can run to my Father whose everlasting arms provide me with refuge from the storm, comfort in my fear and knowledge that I CAN trust Him.

Are you facing storms right now?    Run to the Father….He’s waiting for you.

Until next time, love God, love others, and find refuge in the Father’s arms!




Even Adults Have Snow Days
December 15, 2014, 1:34 pm
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Yes… it’s true.. .even adults have snow days and today is one for me.   Now, we only had between 9-13″ of snow and you may think that’s not a lot but here on the high plains, it’s not the amount of snow one gets that is a problem.  It’s what comes after the snow that is a problem  — the wind!   With nothing to stop the wind here it whips up drifts that even a 4-wheel vehicle can have trouble getting through.  Unless you own a snow plow, drifts are a problem.

Yesterday we were blessed with precipitation that started out as rain and quickly turned to snow.   We made it to church yesterday morning but the evening was a no go for us.    By the time we got out of church, we decided to forego some stops we had planned to make and made a beeline… albeit a slow beeline… for home.

Glad to make it home safely, we stayed there the rest of the night anticipating the morning.   Watching the forecasts has been rather hilarious.   Sometimes the forecasts said we were not receiving snow but all I had to do was look out my window to see that they were indeed wrong.

I had thought to get to work this morning as I was subbing for a friend who was gone on a long weekend.   However, when light arrived… hubby went out to inspect the situation.  When he came back in, his only comment was: “..and you think you’re going to work today?”   Hmmm… that was not encouraging.. and indeed with all 4-wheel vehicles down at the moment, getting to the highway was going to be a trick if not down right impossible.. so, sad to say I had to call in to my supervisor and let her know I wasn’t making it today.

So, what to do with a snow day?   Well….I spent some time on FB and did you know you can be on that for a few hours without realizing it????   No???  Me either.

However, I did find a site that I found quite educational and motivational.   Thanks to Ruth Soukoup, I found motivation to organize my pantry.   I can see the look on your face and hear a Tool-man .. huh? coming from you… now just listen.

The house I live in is the family homestead and I’ve been rather reticent to make it our own… hence, I’ve left a few things unorganized such as my food stuffs.   I’ve never really known what to do with them.


Exhibit A

One each side of my sink cabinets is a lazy Susan type cupboard and I have dutifully tried to use them, but they have been hard to access and have not readily shown their wares.   On top of that, being that we live in the country, rodents  {{{{shudder}}}} have been an issue in that particular cupboard. (Have I ever mentioned that I used to keep my olive oil down in this cupboard?  That was before I pulled the bottle out one day only to find a mouse had committed suicide in it!  Again… {{{{{Shudder}}}}} See exhibit A) Not to mention some of my canned goods were stashed downstairs in the freezer room where they weren’t handy either.

In reading Ruth’s blog, she suggested organizing one’s pantry.   So, today, I put on the Statler Brothers’ Christmas tape (yes, I actually do have the tape.. not CD or MP3 player..) and I pulled out all the stops and canned goods out of cupboard and shelves and reorganized them in different shelves that are eye-level and easier to see what’s on hand.  We’ll see how this works out… I’ll let you know.

This is just another one of my adventures in organizing, which probably was more motivated by my SIL than anything else.   Thanks, JB!

Until next time,

Love God, love others and think about what you can organize!

From 60 to -10 in 7 days flat
December 7, 2013, 10:34 am
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The weather in our area has been to say the least, challenging.  Though I would guess that our area of the world is not alone.    We have enjoyed a beautiful fall where the weather has not been too hot nor too cold even though we had the flood in early September when the waters receded, we were able to enjoy the rest of the fall.   Thanksgiving brought us 60 degree weather.   A week later we had -10 temperature with wind chill much feeling much colder.

I have lots to be thankful for in this season of my life.   It’s not that I haven’t always had a lot to be thankful for, it’s that I now have gained experience to know I REALLY DO have a lot for which to be grateful.

I now have my own wheels…and with it more freedom to accomplish the things I need to get done each (Previously, I was carpooling with DD who needed the car for her work, thus when she dropped me at my work, I was there all day till she could pick me up).  I am very grateful for this… I’m also grateful that it has a very good heater in it.

I am grateful for the wood stove we completed earlier this fall and the wood supply we have for it as it surely feels good on these days of extreme cold.    My cat is grateful for it too, when he get to sleep close to it!

I am grateful for relatively good health.    I am grateful in this time when the world seems to be crazily out of control, I know the One Who is truly in control though He allows us to think we are… if we choose to think that way.  I am grateful to know I can trust Him regardless of the trustworthiness of others in my lives.

What are YOU grateful for?

Until next time, love God, love others and be aware of what you have for which to be grateful!

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My DIY Project for the Year
November 5, 2013, 3:46 pm
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So,… I’ve become a handyman… of sorts…  For several years, I have been looking at the hearth underneath our wood stove by which we heat most of the winter…. we do have a furnace which we press into service in very cold  weather or when the wood stove is not usable… such as the last month.

I have been wanting to replace the hearth for some time.   It has been stuck back in the 70’s when Harvest Gold was the “in” color.   Quite frankly, I’m over Harvest Gold!…. So oooo over!

Thanks, to Dave Ramsey, I have been sticking to a budget… and one of my categories has been household repair and maintenance projects….and I have been faithfully putting away some money to do a few things that have been long overdue to be updated.

In September, hubby finished my “honey dew” list for him and I now have hot water in my kitchen… What a blessing!    I really enjoy doing my dishes now…

The other thing I wanted to get done was the hearth under the wood stove.   In July, I started by taking the old hearth out… only to find that it had been placed upon the carpet.  This would account for the cracking and breaking of the tile that was there.

Here is how my project looks in progression… after we started putting it together.  The original hearth was only as wide as the brick wall you see in the background and only came out from the wall as far as the hardibacker you see laying.     We decided to expand the area to include the door by where we would be bringing in wood from outside and come out from the wall another 6 inches.


The plywood is screwed into the floor.

Right before I had  all the carpet cut out, hubby thought it would be a good idea to have the carpet cleaned and stretched… which we did and had our friends at Steamway of Sterling come and do that.  They did an excellent job and the carpet looks almost brand new!

We finished cutting the carpet out, hubby cut the plywood to size  and I screwed it into the subflooring.   The next step was to get the hardibacker cut to size…. to do this, hubby told me to talk to his sister and get his “saw”.   He stated “all you have to do is score it and then break it..”    So I talked to her and she said she had only had a sheetrock knife but she couldn’t find it so I went to Home Depot and bought what I thought she was talking about…


My sheet rock knife!

Now right about now all you who know more about construction than I do are laughing your heads off but I have to tell you by the time I had “sawn” two sheets of hardibacker I was doing anything but laughing my head off… in fact, there were a few choice words I could have found to say if I knew any!   I was NOT a happy camper…

Now, you understand that I was sweating cold weather… I was trying to get this all done before cold/snowy weather appeared and my progress was anything but progressive!

Hubby came home and after calming his almost hysterical wife, he proceeded to finish the hardibacker cutting job… After which I screwed it all P1050839

into the plywood and sub flooring.  From there, hubby helped me get the tile laid and grouted… straight lines have never been my forte even if I have a pattern to follow but hubby’s gift is precision.


The tile laid and grouted and ready to be cleaned.


The completed project… ready for it’s first fire.

So there you have it… there’s a few things we want to tweak but we did get it in and ready to use before cold and snow moved in…

Until next time, love God, love others and when it comes to construction projects, make sure you’re talking the same language when talking with others more experienced than you!

What will the day bring forth?
September 23, 2013, 6:13 am
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God tells us to make our plans on a contingency basis… well, guess I wasn’t watching the weather… but we woke up early this morning to rain… Actually it was raining last night when we came home from church.

When we got to the country roads…we saw that it had rained enough to wash out tracks…

This morning.. there are small ponds in our driveway and yard….  My first thought this morning was would we be flooded….this rain  came in from the southwest…   we live in the flood plain of the town south of us… so. … it was a valid concern.  Hubby has already gone to work and advises to take the road slow and easy till we get to the highway… we live along some bottom ground and when it gets saturated it’s like driving in auto grease… in my opinion worse than driving on ice.   So, slow and easy it will be…

The river has receded quite a bit from Thursday, Friday and even throughout the day yesterday… it’s receding from the pasture lands… though the river itself is still running fast…

As the dawn comes and the skies lighten so does the rain.   I suppose we’re getting some residual rain off of Hurricane Manuel that hit the west coast of Mexico last week.   Pray for those people in Mexico being affected devastatingly by Hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel…

On the bright side of things… I have hot water in my kitchen…!   Woohoo!  I am soooo excited about that!   You may wonder why that is so exciting to me… well, it’s been two years since I’ve had hot water at my kitchen sink.. two years ago, the copper line that was laid in the walls froze that year and sprang a leak… thus requiring that we shut the hot water off to the kitchen until we could figure out a way to fix it.   It sounds simple enough to fix but when you live in a 50 year-old plus farmstead, nothing’s simple.    I have nothing to complain about… so…

Until next time… love God, love others and appreciate the things you have.

News from a Far Country….
September 18, 2013, 5:37 am
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The sun will be shining today as it did yesterday… things are starting to dry out, waters are receding and now… They’re saying the southwest entry road is now open into Sterling… It does seem like it’s a far country as it’s been almost a week since we’ve entered the town.

When you realize you’re cut off from something, whether it’s access to a town, access to good drinking water or flushable toilets, it’s amazing how all of a sudden you really “NEED” those things…

Actually, I don’t think it’s that you really need those things so much as you realize just how much you’d taken those things’ presence in your life for granted.

Reports from yesterday said that Walmart received a truckload of water Monday night and by Tuesday morning….it was gone! Bottled water is the only truly safe drinkable water…though the water system had never been compromised… people still felt safer drinking the bottled stuff.

Now you understand the water and good sanitation issues are important but the town…? well it’s not the visible, geographical part of town that’s missed as much as physical access to the people there… many of them touch our lives in one way or another. Though they do not define who we are nor can they tell us who we are …. it is more that who we are defines our relationship with them. It is one thing to talk to someone via the telephone or FB or IM or texting… thank God for modern conveniences… …it is quite another to be able to see them and/or touch them… There is something in our mind that questions whether someone we know is really okay if we are cut off from meaningful access to them.

So….it’s time for us to trek into the “far country” and make sure everyone’s okay….

Until next time….love God, love others… thank God for the modern conveniences that while not giving us total access to those we care about still keeps us in contact with them..

Flood Saga Continues
September 17, 2013, 11:21 am
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9/17/2013  11:50 a.m.

At this point, the only way into Sterling remains Highway 14.    Nursing home patients have been removed to Ft. Collins.  I talked to a co-worker from Greeley this morning and she said she’d gone into Ft. Collins yesterday and it was hard to see they had been affected by the flood.   Good news…there.

Along with the no flush order for Sterling, all places of business who serve prepared food have been shut down until proper sanitation services can be restored.   Sterling still has it’s power as of this time.    They are preparing for another crest of the river today or tomorrow… some waters are receding but at this point they are still saying it will be 7-10 days for services have potential to be restored to pre-flood.

One of congressmen did a survey of the areas affected by the flood by plane and took pictures… here are a few from the plains of Colorado.

Famrhouse surrounded by flood water Flood damage around the rural areas Flood damage on the plains The raging South Platte River Washed out Bridge on the plains of CO

Needless to say this flood is more devastating to some than others…

I have been able to do some work from home.   We’ve had to reschedule patients due to the uncertainty of public services… I talked to some in Crook who said they’d been allowed back home but are to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.   It is encouraging that the ditch is still holding.

On a positive note, many know that this could have been so much worse than it currently is and are thanking God for His provision….

One friend of mine lives in Crook and she put on her FB page the following comment after stating they had everything packed up and ready to move out at a moment’s notice.   This before they were actually evacuated this morning.   “Now it is watch and wait, knowing no matter the outcome God works all things for our good and He will sustain us.”

We have much for which to be grateful…God does sustain us even in the worst imaginable circumstances…

Until next time… love God, loves others and remember He does care about our circumstances…